EIG14T takes an unconventional approach to traditional client relationships.

We are a privately owned real estate development and investment firm focused on creating strong tenant partnerships to drive mutual success.

EIG14T takes an unconventional approach to traditional client relationships, putting a strong emphasis on understanding the goals and infrastructure of our partners up front to ensure the highest probability of success at each location. This is accomplished by meeting with company leaders to identify and quantify industry-specific components that can be coupled with the analysis of traditional criteria such as demography and traffic flow.

Each company we partner with is unique, and our relationships evolve separately in both growth strategy and specific requirements.  Although every company and industry have distinctive qualities, we strive to partner with those of similar use.  We strongly prefer to work with tenants that are neighborhood and environmentally friendly, so we can align the interests of our clients to provide greater benefit.  We believe in providing the best possible service and quality to not only our clients but to the communities that we work in. We take pride in developing aesthetically pleasing buildings that improve the community while satisfying the needs of all parties involved.

At EIG14T we are professional, driven, and above all passionate about what we do. We enjoy helping those around us and look forward to doing our part in improving communities across the country.



We serve as an investment firm to ensure capital is readily available for tenant expansion and offer strong yields to investors.



We act as a full service real estate partner engaging clients to develop a synchronized growth strategy and offering property management to ensure asset longevity.



We serve as a construction company to fulfill the needs of our clients from renovations to ground up development.