Why EIG14T

What We Do

EIG14T is designed to be a holistic solution for brick & mortar expansion. We provide all services required from a real estate prospect so that you can focus your capital and resources on what you do best, run your business. Working with an outside real estate firm comes with many benefits. Some of the more obvious examples are the reduction of capital required for growth, access to diverse industry knowledge, and a professional process that creates better results.

Our Process

1. Discovery

2. Establish Growth Plan

3. Prove Out Model

4. Site Selection

5. Entitlements

6. Construction

7. Delivery & Turnover

8. Warranty

Why Us

Partnering with EIG14T means gaining a dedicated ally who is fully invested in your growth and success. Our unique blend of expertise, experience, and dedication to excellence allows us to help you turn your expansion dreams into reality.

Highly Specialized
Education, health, and wellness industries are our specialty – we know the people, the industry, and the trends. We are designed for programmatic growth for middle market operators.
Track Record
Proven returns for investors – we have never missed a return target. Proven deliveries for tenants – multiple growth plans executed.
Capable of More
Well structured, well capitalized, well-staffed. Our deal flow is well established with plenty of runway for more.